Nearing death, my brother and I commiserate on job hunting as we are both seeking employment, (again) and confront and

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endless battle with the horror show that is “HR”

job applications, jobsites, and the baffling array of gatekeepers who dispense with you because of bad credit, minor legal infractions, short term, stopgap jobs, ageism, etc.

This is not just a square peg fitting into a round hole scenario – this is injustice.

HR, or human relations are totally inhumane.

they love to ‘measure’ everybody with their little check boxes of

not hispanic or latino

not a protected veteran

not this, not that.

Not employable.

I am a longtime ‘seasoned’ proposal writer who endured a two and half hour psychological test BEFORE I interviewed for a job, and of course, given my aversion to tests in general, failed miserably.

Some of us are untestable.

I’ll prove it to you.