Recently, my storage unit was auctioned off without my knowledge.

Extra Space Storage of Oceanside CA previously informed me that “They do not do that…”

(auction your stuff) but there you have it. They did it anyway, and sold my personal information to some unknown person who now has my Social Security Number, Tax records, intellectual property, legal files, photographs, memorabilia, and precious family heirlooms.

Should I sue?

EComm 101 or How Ecommerce works…

I get a dozen emails from ‘entrepeneurs’ selling me their wares on how to make money online every day since the 19th century, and for the most part, I delete them, delete them all!

However, since my career took a spin downward during the Great Recession, I decided to give them a once over since I do know web design and development and pretty much live online.

Well, I’ve been studying Ecommerce for a long time, and I haven’t a clue, how people make money.

I checked out this guy and tried to sell drones on Tumblr, but so far, nada.



Nearing death, my brother and I commiserate on job hunting as we are both seeking employment, (again) and confront and

15 - 1

endless battle with the horror show that is “HR”

job applications, jobsites, and the baffling array of gatekeepers who dispense with you because of bad credit, minor legal infractions, short term, stopgap jobs, ageism, etc.

This is not just a square peg fitting into a round hole scenario – this is injustice.

HR, or human relations are totally inhumane.

they love to ‘measure’ everybody with their little check boxes of

not hispanic or latino

not a protected veteran

not this, not that.

Not employable.

I am a longtime ‘seasoned’ proposal writer who endured a two and half hour psychological test BEFORE I interviewed for a job, and of course, given my aversion to tests in general, failed miserably.

Some of us are untestable.

I’ll prove it to you.


Comedy Cooking: Pheasant Under Duress

Pheasant under Duress

I discovered the comedy in cooking in college. My first roommate was from Iowa and cooked up a storm. She had cooking stuff – fryers, utensils, pots and pans, and cookbooks. I had none of that. The Irish are not known for their cuisine. I enjoyed the fruits of her labor however. But, the best times were dead ahead.

The few students who could not afford to fly out for Thanksgiving banded together for a party. Some guys went into the wilds of Colorado, armed with shotguns, and killed some pheasant for dinner. Being from New Jersey, I had to learn to appreciate people with guns who shot and ate their kill. And, I never had pheasant before. The best part was the keg of Micholob, but back to the pheasant: It tasted, mmm, good, but pretty soon, everybody was spitting out bullets, since pheasant are not very big, and the guys weren’t very good shots, so they shot each pheasant twenty or thirty times.

But imbetween cracking my teeth on bullets, the pheasant was tasty. And, the Michelob and other contraband kept the party going until the couch went on fire. And, then they put out the fire with the beer, but that’s enough of my freshman year.

So, should you want to try pheasant, I don’t suggest you go and shoot some, but there is a website,, and for $20 they ship you a pheasant.

y’know, minus the bullets! WG775 Survivor